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Touring Berlin

with John Boyle

The better choice

Why Berlin?

Berlin is a particularly meaningful location.  Some of the most significant events in world history have taken place in Berlin.


Today’s Berlin is synonymous with urban culture. It is a very real magnet for the most creative, and sometimes, weird.

In Berlin you can quite literally go out at night until you drop. There are no official closing times for Berlin’s nightspots, so when you go home is entirely your decision.

There is an endless selection of shops and boutiques. Berlin is a trendy city and its best designers remain affordable.  Not just its fashion and music, art also comes to mind. Is there is another world city that can compete with such an enormous variety of art galleries, museums and boutiques?

Berlin suits all pockets, and although prices have increased in the last few years it can still be considered a relatively affordable destination. It is possible to eat out in Berlin for under 10€ at lunchtime, coffee can cost around 1.20€, and you can even find a hotel in the city centre without having to take out a mortgage.

Museums and galleries; there is a fantastic variety including the world-famous collections in the ‘Museum Island’ (Museumsinsel).  Berlin also has a great number of smaller museums such as the Alphabet Museum.  There is even a Hemp museum!

Berlin’s food - there is a bewildering amount to choose from whether it be classical restaurants, snack kiosks or street hotdog vendors. Surely every country in the world is represented.

The mixture of the old and the new; the decayed, the renovated and the reconstructed, the modern and innovative – Berlin is still not complete and is always in a state of transformation and renewal.

A visit to Berlin should be on your list of things to do at least once in your lifetime. Why not this year?